12 ways to get the best from your biscuit joiner

4. Make perfect flush-fitting joints with a little lift

Even a well-tuned biscuit joiner can sometimes cut slots that result in a non-flush-fitting joint. To avoid this, elevate the biscuit joiner with a sheet of sandpaper before cutting the face-grain slot. Then, after assembly, use your router to flush-trim the end grain of that piece for a perfect flush fit.

5. Upgrade the blade

As with any cutting tool, a poor blade results in subpar cut quality. If you’re seeing tear-out or hanging strands at the right-hand (exit) side of the slot, consider replacing the factory-supplied blade with a quality aftermarket one. We recommend Freud’s six-tooth biscuit-joiner blade because its carbide teeth cut cleanly and last longer than the teeth on most stock blades.

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