20 Photography Hacks That Will Get You Amazing Results

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Photography hack to make your own custom bokeh shapes
Make your own Bokeh shapes

3. Make Your Photos Hazy With a Sandwich Bag

Here’s a simple and easy photography hack to add another use to your sandwich bag. Please take away (or eat) your snack, your camera needs the bag more than ever. Attach the sandwich bag to your lens as shown below and make sure parts of it are obstructing the lens view. Fire away to get your hazy photos!

Source: PexaPixel

Your savings: $20 on a professional Bokeh kit.

4. DIY Soft-Focus Lens Effects

Prepare a large square of clear plastic, elastic band, and some vaseline. Put some vaseline on your clear plastic paper and shoot. If you are using gauze, cut the fabric with scissors in the center and attach it to your camera lens with the elastic band (refer to 3rd photo below). Once you attach your gauze, put loose ends of the fabric over the lens. This will give you a soft-focus lens effect.

Your savings: Invaluable! We couldn’t find any commercial product so unique!

Source: Free People

 5. Thrilling Shadow Effects With a Tea Strainer

The old tea strainer is our next perfect photography hack. This is perfect if you want to use natural light through a window or small opening. Make sure the light is strong enough and the subject is close to the strainer. If you arrange it so, you can get strong shadows which cast beautiful patterns that highlight depth.

Your savings: Invaluable! We couldn’t find any commercial product so unique!

Source: Christina Key 

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