20 Photography Hacks That Will Get You Amazing Results

6.  Make a DIY Flash Diffuser

For this photo hack you will need;

  1. Camera with a pop-up flash
  2. White film container
  3. Ruler
  4. Sharp blade.

Using the ruler, measure the thickness of the pop-up flash. Then cut a piece from the film container to match this thickness (see #4 below). This is so that you can easily insert the film container into the pop-up flash. Once you set up everything, take photos as you would normally but bear in mind that the film container will diffuse your flash’s harsh light to create soft light that is perfect for photography.

Your savings: $10 on a flash diffuser from Amazon.

Source: Photojojo

7. Hack Your Phone Camera to Take Macro Photos

Your phone camera can achieve great close-ups but you’ll need to follow this hack in order to get the most out of it. Follow these steps below:

  1. Find some old laser pointer
  2. Inside of the pointer, there is a focusing lens
  3. Remove it for later use
  4. Use a hairpin to hold the lens (as in image no.4)
  5. Affix this it to your phone’s camera using tape
  6. Take a picture ( we used coin as an example)
  7. Zoom in if you want to see close-ups

Your savings: Upwards of $100 for a macro lens.

Source: Mind Blowing Things

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