20 Quick and Delicious Instant Coffee Recipes

20 Quick and Delicious Instant Coffee Recipes

If you are a fan of instant coffee then dive into this mix if instant coffee recipes below. Get that instant coffee drink ready in just a minute or two.

1. Iced Instant Coffee

Iced Instant Coffee 

Build Your Bite shares their favorite instant coffee recipe that is served over ice. Cold, refreshing, and the perfect mix of cream and coffee. See how it is made here.

2. Espresso Instant Coffee

Espresso Instant Coffee 

Serve up an espresso instant coffee for that boost of caffeine. Genius Kitchen shares how they whip up their drink in a hurry. Head here for the recipe.

3. Chilled Nutella Coffee

Chilled Nutella Coffee 

Jeyashris Kitchen grabs her instant coffee and transforms it into a chilled drink with the smooth Nutella throughout. One satisfying recipe right here. Click here to learn how to make.

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