Historical Attempts to Ban Coffee you know

5 Historical Attempts to Ban Coffee

One of the biggest flubs in human history was prohibition. Honestly, can you imagine a world without some Dizzy Three?! Frightening, we know.

Luckily for every responsible person over the age of 21, The Prohibition ended in 1933. As scary as prohibition sounds, we have 5 tales that are even scarier. The item up for banishment? Our beloved coffee!

5 Historical Attempts to Ban Coffee

As early as 1511, high-powered individuals have tried to ban coffee in various parts of the world. Why would they do this? Find out below in the 5 craziest attempts to ban coffee:

1. Mecca Mania
The year: 1511. The place: Mecca. Coffee was banned by the governor because he believed it stimulated radical thinking and would unite opposition against him. Coffee was believed to be as much of an intoxicant as wine. Not long after, however, the sultan of Cairo, who outranked the governor, overruled the idea and the ban was lifted.

2. Constanti“NOPE”le
When Murad IV Ghazi took absolute rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1623, he vowed to subdue corruption that preceded him. His strategy for this was to ban alcohol, tobacco and coffee. In addition, Murad IV complained the mosques were empty because people frequented the coffeehouses instead. It seemed as if the people’s demand for coffee eventually won out.

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