Achieve Worry-Free Furniture Glue-Ups Every Time With These Helpful Tips


Set yourself up on a sturdy, flat, clean surface. I use my table saw with a piece of plywood on top. If you were to glue up a table on a wavy concrete floor, it would never be true. Label everything so there is no question about what goes where and lay out the parts so all are within easy reach. Put your glue and spreaders in a place you can reach and where they won’t be knocked over. Have a dead blow hammer nearby in case anything needs friendly persuasion. Use carpenter’s tape around joints so glue will squeeze out on the tape instead of the wood. Have some damp rags nearby just in case you need to remove excess glue.

Stool seat prepared for glue-up

Seat for three-legged stool prepared for glue-up

Wedged tenon with tape to protect wood from glue

Taping joints helps if you’ve used too much glue, as I did here

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