How to Give Mahogany an Awesome Wood Finish with Tung Oil Varnish + Polyurethane

Since this is a table top, I jumped over to gel polyurethane for the final 3 coats. And I picked a gel type because I find it easier to apply than a brush-on type…. and I think more people would benefit from learning about how easy gel polyurethane is to apply. So here we are.

And finally, I applied a little paste wax after letting the last coat dry for a few days. Why paste wax? Je ne sais quoi. It gives the project a little shine and helps give it a baby-bottom smooth feel.

About Mahogany

We might want to set a couple things straight about this wood. There’s more than one species that gets tagged with the name “mahogany.” To a large degree, when I say mahogany, I’m talking about the stuff known throughout the industry as Genuine Mahogany, which is botanically named Swietenia macrophylla.

So why do I care?

Once upon a time, everyone referred to it as “Honduran mahogany” because Honduras was the primary country that produced mahogany lumber. Regretfully, the country over-harvested their supply and the majority of the production shifted to other parts of Central and South America where Swietenia macrophylla trees grew. Which is practically everywhere from Mexico to Bolivia.

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