How to Make Butt Joints

How to Make Butt Joints

Step1: The butt joint is very simple to make and you start by measuring out the lengths you want your timber to be and then using a try square mark a straight line across the timber where you are going to cut it.

Step2: Now cut your timber at the line you have marked and repeat steps 1 and 2 on your next piece of timber.

You can either use a hand saw such as a tenon saw to cut your timber or you can use a drop saw. If you are securing the joint together with pieces of dowel drill the holes accurately now before you begin step 4.

making a butt joint picture 1
making a butt joint picture 2

Step3: Secure your first piece of timber in a vice or to the side of a bench with clamps but keep the top flush with the rest of the bench.

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