How to Make Dovetail Joints

If you are using a dovetail saw you put your timber in a vice, it can be tilted at an angle to make the cut easier. Now you just use the saw to cut the straight lines and a cooping saw to cut along the bottom edge.

making a dovetail joint picture 4        making a dovetail joint picture 5

Step5: Once the dovetails have been cut out you can use a chisel or Stanley knife to clean up the joints or remove some excess timber.

Step6: Next you will use your dovetails as a template on your second piece of timber.

Secure your second piece of timber in a vice level to the bench and then line up your first piece of timber on top. You should now be able to use the dovetails as a template and mark lines on your second piece of timber.

making a dovetail joint picture 6

Step7: Once the lines have been marked you must mark lines on the faces of the timber which will be as long as the thickness of the timber. These lines should create pins that interlock with the dovetails so they must be very accurate.

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