How To Make Housing Joint

How to Make Housing Joints

Step1: The first thing you must do is mark out a channel with lines across the face where you want the housing joint to be. The width of the channel will be the same width as the timber to be inserted into it.

Step2: Once you have marked out your channel you can now cut along the lines with a saw or you can use a table saw for more accuracy. Only cut the channel about half of the depth of your piece of timber and a router could also be used to do this.

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Step3: Once you have cut the channel you now use a chisel and hammer to clean out the excess timber so that the other piece of timber can be inserted into the joint.

Step4: clamp up the joint with adhesives and wait until it dries. You can also apply screws and nails to increase strength or to help the joint when applying an adhesive.

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