How to Make Rebate Joints

How to Make Rebate Joints

Step1: The first thing you do when making a rebate joint is measure and cut two pieces of timber to the size or sizes you need.

Step2: Make sure the ends of your timber are flush then get the piece you want your rebate in and mark out the width of the joint the same as the thickness of your second piece of timber.

Now mark another line on your first piece of timber about half its depth and mark around each side of the timber.

how to make rebate joints picture 1

Step3: You should now have connecting lines so make sure they are accurate before cutting. Use either a tenon saw or a band saw and cut along the lines to make your rebate. 

how to make rebate joints picture 2                     how to make rebate joints picture 3

Step4: You can use a chisel to clean out your rebate if the timber you insert does not sit flat in the joint.

Step5: If your joint is flush and square secure it together with adhesive. Nails or screws can be added to increase strength or dowel can also be used but the holes must be accurately drilled before you start step 5.

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