10 Wacky Photography Hacks That Work

#3: Flash Diffusers

There’s tons of improv that you can use when it comes to the flash. The built-in flash that comes with your camera isn’t ideal for most situation, unless of course you want subjects bathed in bright white light and a “deer in the headlights” look!

Flash Diffuserimage by Jeff Vier

With a few tricks though, you can take your built-in flash from an unused and unloved addition on your camera, to a professionally performing piece of kit. Try bouncing the flash off of a white business card or index card. This allows you to bounce the light off the ceiling while diffusing the light going forward. In situations where you have nothing to bounce the flash off of, try putting a piece of clear tape over the flash. Alternatively, there are tons of DIY projects to create your own diffusers – check out this DIY speedlight diffuser that is made from a plastic flask.

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