The 5 stickiest wood glue questions with expert answers

How can I tell if my glue is still good?

A wood glue will bond strongly as long as its consistency remains fluid. If the glue becomes stringy or rubbery and cannot be restored to a normal viscosity by stirring or mild agitation, discard it. woodworking tips techniques

Will freezing destroy my glue? woodworking tips techniques

White and yellow wood glues contain water and will freeze at temperatures below 32° F, but when returned to room temperature, they’ll be unaffected by the process. If the glue appears grainy and thicker after it’s warmed, the creamy consistency usually can be restored by kneading the bottle. As long as the glue flows out smoothly (below) when applied, it will bond well. woodworking tips techniques

When glue no longer flows out evenly, like the dab on the left, it won’t bond properly.woodworking tips techniques
woodworking tips techniques
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