The 5 stickiest wood glue questions with expert answers

How long should I leave clamps on?

For well-matched pieces glued under ideal conditions (the moisture content of the wood from 6 to 8 percent, temperature from 70° to 80° F, and humidity from 40 to 60 percent), leave the clamps on for at least an hour.

For assemblies that require extraordinary clamping pressure, such as bent laminations, leave the clamps on for 24 hours. This allows the glue to achieve nearly full strength.

Quick Tip! Mark the time you glued up each assembly with chalk to know when it’s safe to remove the clamps. You can then reuse those clamps in another glue-up.

Higher temperature, drier wood, and lower humidity speed drying time; while lower temperature, wetter wood, and higher humidity slow it.

Glue number on boards

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