15 Important Tips on Woodworking With Pallets

Carefully Take Apart Pallets to Avoid Injury

15 important tips on woodworking with pallets 3Pallets are rough. They are not made from the best wood in many cases, and they are not finished to be handled like most project wood. A pallet is designed to be moved by a forklift, and to hold freight. Anything else is just details.

When you are taking apart your pallets, make sure that you are being careful. It is not uncommon to find very long sharp splinters, random nails in places that they should not be, and other debris like glass or metal.

Again, pallets are not normally meant for woodworking, so they are not treated very well by the people that use them. Handle your pallets carefully, and don’t expect anything to be normal, because you can find just about anything when you are working on a pallet.

Completely Take Apart Your Pallets Before Beginning a Project

This should go without saying, but you would be amazed at how many people skip this essential preparation step. Before you begin any project with your pallets, completely take them apart first.

Once the pieces are apart, organize them. Now, everything you have is easy to see, and you will not have to struggle. This is very different than when you are trying to remove boards from a pallet at the same time you need them. This can be very frustrating.

Pallets do not come apart very easily. When you need to harvest ten boards for your project, you might have to go through fifteen before you get the ten you need. If you are also trying to use the boards at the same time, it can be a lot of effort and a slow project.

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