Woodworking Mistakes and Why They Are Good For You

woodworking mistakesThere are some strategies that can help you cope with the inevitable woodworking blunders that will come your way. First, beginners should expect to make many mistakes.

Divorce yourself from the idea that you will hit a home run on the first try. People who can do that are rare, and people who think they can do it every time are delusional. Expect some failures in the beginning, and they will not be as big of a hit when they come.

Second, make sure that you are learning something from your mistake. The first time you do something wrong it’s called a mistake, the second time you do the same thing wrong it’s called a choice. When you know the wrong way of doing something through trial and error, then you also know the right way too.

Once you know that brad nails don’t work like real nails, you will never forget the glue again. If you do, then you are making a decision, not a mistake. We all make mistakes, the key is not to make the same mistake a second time.

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